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A very sad pycnoscelus surinamensis colony

Danish Roach

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I have a colony of pycnoscelus surinamensis and they are not reproducing. There are no signs of illness and the individuals that I have are fast moving and quick to dig back under the soil if disturbed. So they seam healthy enough. I would however like to get them reproduce a bit, so if I can optimize their setup that would be just great!

Help me please

My setup is following.

60*40*28 plastic box, with plenty of ventilation

Temperature 27 degrees and 50% humidity

3 cm soil

Dry leaves ad libitum

Fruit and veggies one a week.

No water (apart from the fresh fruit and veggies). The reason I have no water is that they are soil living and therefore do not normally access water but get it though their diet. (as far as I have found)


Any inputs would be apriciated

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I have a colony living with green banana roaches. I don't know whether or not this is recommended, but mine have been doing well in a very humid airtight bin with a few inches substrate and a piece of cork bark. I've had them for almost a year now. I just drill a hole in the lid and plug with filter fiber, stays so humid that condensation forms on the sides.

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Do you dig through the substrate often? Otherwise there is no way you’ll ever see the nymphs, they’re extremely tiny (almost ant sized) and quick burrowers. For the most part your enclosure sounds fine, maybe break apart the leaves, a little bit more moisture, and you should be good.

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