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Lanxoblatta rudis (rough bark roach) and Perisphaerus pygmaeus (pillbug roach) care?

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I have a particular fondness for roaches that a layperson might look at and ask "what is that?" instead of going "ew, a cockroach". Variety is the spice of life, and the variety of living things is a particularly good spice. I also like the round shapes.

I know these aren't common species, but can anyone point me towards some care info on them?

I'm trying to figure out something to keep in an Exo Terra 8x8x8 or 8x8x12. These three are looking like they might be possible candidates. I figure I need something fairly small, that doesn't need deep substrate (the most I can get in this is 2" without some juryrigging), that won't scatter everywhere or fly into my face when I open the tank. There's about a 1mm gap along the side edges of the door due to how it's constructed. If I really wanted to, I could silicone the door shut and just open it from the top, but I'd prefer something that can't squeeze out there. I could probably also rig something to make the substrate deeper if it was needed.

I also want something that can be reliably left alone as long as it has food and moisture.

For the bark roaches, it looks like they eat only apples and bark. I'd give them hardwood bark, we have pecan trees in the area. Would they eat dried apples, do you think? Not store-bought, just sliced thin and dried to jerky texture in the oven. Easier to just keep in a container next to the enclosure to feed them whenever they need it. How warm do they like to be? They look like they'd take decent advantage of climbing space, running up and down things, and might be especially visible from the sides through the glass. 

The pillbug roaches, I can't find much data on. Roachcrossing says they need good ventilation, moist air, and will eat apples, and I know @Hisserdude had some at one point. Does anyone have any advice on them? 


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The Lanxoblatta will get out through that gap as babies, Perisphaerus won't though... And I doubt either will eat freeze dried apples, (or maybe they would, but would still need fresh fruits in addition). Both breed best at temps above 75F°, and if your Lanxoblatta are often on the sides of the enclosure, that is generally a sign that they need new hides and are highly stressed out... Whereas in Perisphaerus it's either because of overcrowding, or too much/too little humidity. 

I wrote a caresheet on Perisphaerus pygmaeus here, they can be very prolific if kept correctly! 

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I keep Lanxoblatta rudis and I keep mine in a gasket container with smooth pieces of beech wood. They really need a flat as possible surface it seems to be happy. I haven't tried but I heard from Gil Wizen (who I got mine from) that they stress out when there is a lack of smooth vertical bark surfaces to hide under.

    I keep mine at about 83-86°F. I don't gauge humidity, but it's fairly high. I don't have much ventilation for them either. They seem to be fine with it being hot and stuffy. They can tolerate lower temps and humidity as well, but not without risks. 

    As for food I offer them fish flakes and apple pieces. I'm sure they're nibbling on the wood I have in the enclosure as well, they seem to eat the bark along with lichen I hear, but haven't tried. They have reproduced for me a few times and the nymphs seem to be growing well so it looks like whatever I'm doing is working currently. 

   The gap may be an issue you may need to rig. They are fairly thin so I could see them getting through very small gaps. They aren't day active, but move a lot after dark/early morning. They mainly stay on the bark at all times, but they will climb the sides of the enclosure if they run out of room/or are active at night. Not an expert on these guys, but sharing what has worked so far for me. 

    As for the pillbug roaches I don't currently keep them, but I know a few who do. Including Bmaines96 on the forum I believe. 

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