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Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

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Got some of these beauties last week along with the Bantua, here are some pictures of a nymph:



And an adult male! :D




Fingers crossed I can breed them successfully! :)

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14 hours ago, Marco Sonnenscheisse said:

I wish you good luck with them. 

Have you got helpful hints how to breed them?

Greetings, Marco

Thanks! :) I do actually, after talking with people breeding this species, it appears they do best when one corner of the enclosure is kept moist, while the rest is kept dry, they also appreciate bark and branches to climb on, and they have pretty large appetites for Gyna

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Just found an adult female in the enclosure last night, she's pretty dark, but very pretty nonetheless! :D







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Subadult female:





So far so good, just rehoused my colony recently, so hopefully by the spring I'll have hundreds of the things! :D

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I can now confirm that mine are breeding, so WOOT WOOT! 😁 Additionally the colony as a whole is doing great, lots of nymphs growing at a decent pace, food is disappearing at a rapidly increasing rate, and I'm having some more nymph's mature. :) Here are some pictures of an adult male! 






In case anyone is wondering why he's covered in dust, he kept running off the windowsill where I was photographing him and jumping down to the carpet below... 😂 

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More female pics, quite a few in the colony right now, hoping for some more litters to be born soon! 






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Unfortunately my colony has had a big crash, they were having some nymph die offs and adults weren't giving birth, which I tied to a big Oribatid mite outbreak in their enclosure, which had gotten quite bad, and the roaches didn't want to eat the food the mites were swarming. So, I sterilized the substrate and started offering all their food in bowls.

A couple months later, I dug them up, and found that my colony had went from 80+ to 20... Turns out they can't find food in even shallow food bowls... 🙃 And leaf litter alone was not able to sustain this culture. So basically I'm left with a small starter colony, hopefully I can get them breeding again now that I've got their issues figured out and fixed... 

Anyways, here are some pictures of an adult pair:








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On 4/2/2021 at 11:40 AM, Thorin_the_roach said:

How are they doing now?

Sadly I lost the culture, went into more depth on my blog, but essentially I just kept making blunder after blunder with them, and this is NOT a forgiving species... My last and final mistake was not keeping them warm enough, females seem to need temps in excess of 85F to give birth consistently to full sized litters. I sent some to multiple keepers though, I think @Ty Randall by far has been the most successful breeding them, his colony is thriving!

On 6/28/2021 at 4:45 PM, that_bug_girl said:

they are all SO beautiful and incredible! I actually really liked your darker pigmented female.🙂

Thanks, they certainly are a beautiful species, hope to keep them again one day!

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