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Need help with rescued emperor scorpion!


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I found an emperor scorpion in appalling conditions and rescued it.  It has a heater on one side of its glass enclosure, substrate, multiple hiding places, and a bowl of non-tap water at all times.  I don't know if it is male or female, or if it is mature.  I've had it for about a week and a half.  I fed it a Simandoa nymph and it ate the whole thing.  [I have a very prolific female, so I kind of had to do that unfortunately.]  A few days later, I gave him or her an adult Dubia female and s/he ate the whole thing.  It took hours, but nothing was left.  That was one week ago.  I am worried because it does not seem to want to eat now.  I have offered it a Simandoa nymph again, a Halloween Hisser, and even an adult female Dubia again, but he has not eaten anything.  Even when the roach walks right into his claws and in direct proximity to his mouth parts, he turns around and seems uninterested or flustered.  I thought maybe the adult female Dubia was too big, even though he ate all of her a week ago, but s/he doesn't seem to want anything smaller either, such as the Halloween or Simandoa nymph.  I'm so worried because I wanted to take this scorpion in to give it a better life.  I'm worried I am neglecting it in some way.  Am I doing something wrong? 



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In the second picture, it looks fairly chubby. It may have been trying to eat all it could after its period of neglect and then realized that the food is just going to keep coming. I think scorpions need a finer substrate, such as ground coconut fiber, in order to burrow. My Heterometrus sp. was quite busy rearranging her substrate for a few weeks, and then I found baby scorpions. I pasted the picture below, but I have never tried doing it this way. Hopefully, it works. 

Image may contain: food

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I feel like scorpions often fast like Ts and you're not supposed to worry about that, but I could be wrong... I'm a little rusty when it comes to arachnid care right now... 😅 Have you tried asking around on Arachnoboards? 

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