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Going rate for Discoid feeders..

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Guest BZbugz

Hey- new to the game, but turns out I’m actually pretty good at breeding discoids- who knew.. 

So, I’m in S.FL and looking to sell off my surplus inventory ( I have a bearded, that’s how all this started, fun journey ) but, I’m not sure of what the “market rate” is.. 

can any one help me out with what I should ask as a fair price per xs/s/m/l EA and in bulk Qty. 


Thanks for any helpful advice! 

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There is no way to gauge price till you see if anyone wants to buy them. Usually culture starts are a dozen for 10 or 12 bucks but in quantity the price goes down drastically. I'm referring to medium nymphs, tiny nymphs might not be saleable. Large nymphs and adults would still be about the same price.

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