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Noisy Polyphaga aegyptiaca

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I doubt this is a problem others might have, but I thought it was worth asking.

I just aquired some Polyphaga aegyptiaca and they are really neat. Like many I currently work from home and have a large desk which is the current home for the smaller insects in my collection, as I like to check on them throughout the day.

However the P. aegyptiaca's enclosure makes a loud squeaking sound as the nymphs move about, which is a bit annoying. They are currently in a small ventilated food storage container with coco coir and hardwood leaves as a substrate.

Any thoughts on how to muffle the sound? My only thoughts are to add more substrate (there's about 1" now) or move the container into a drawer.



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My Polyphaga always did this, (a lot of my burrowing roaches did actually), problem is, even if you got a deep substrate, they do like digging to the absolute bottom, so there will always be some down there scratching away... Moving the container to a place where you can't hear them as much would be your best bet, I personally just got used to the scratching. 

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