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Does anyone have Deropeltis erythrocephala in the US?

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Pretty much the title. I read about these guys in a South African news article that claimed their oothicas contain from 60-80 nymphs each. If theres any truth to that I'm hoping to find some to culture as a feeder.

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They are very prolific for Deropeltis, this is true, but I don't know about 60-80 nymphs per ooth, more like 20 or so, but they lay lots of big oothecae consistently. However, to my knowledge they have never been in the US hobby, (there was an old stock mislabeled as erythrocephala kept in the US hobby apparently from 1997 to 2009, but the adults had black heads and were velvety, unlike the relatively smooth, red-headed adults of actual D.erythrocephala).

Additionally, for whatever reason, they appear to be somewhat difficult to culture long term, they've entered and been lost from European culture several times now it seems, meanwhile the other Deropeltis species have done well there long term. 

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