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Roaches Rule! Crickets Are A Gateway Bug!

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I grew up in Southern California where you could lift rocks and find isopods.  You could also walk into the bathroom at midnight and find the cockroaches dancing on the toilet singing "We. Are. Family!" My former military life brought me to Alaska 20 years ago and my boring day job is in local government in the area of finance/risk management. Three years ago I rescued a bearded dragon, bought two more fancy morphs and then started breeding my own feeders because the little boogers were eating me out of house and home.

It's difficult and expensive to get live feeders in Alaska, especially in the winter months. My reptile friends started asking if they could buy feeders from me and eventually my adult daughter and I formed Alaska Bug Dealers and we have been doing "bug deals" in parking lots since 2018.  I think I missed my calling because I absolutely love playing with bugs and I'm addicted to buying new species.  We currently rear dubia, orangehead, red runner, hissers, silkworms, hornworms, mealworms, superworms, springtails and just started working with 13 species of isopods.

On the side I produce theatre shows specializing in burlesque, cirque and cabaret.  I also dance and sing.  I'm currently working on a cockroach act. 

Between all the glitters and critters my husband is ready to vacate the premises.  

Ps. It's Peter March's fault that I'm here. :)

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