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What roach would you put in?

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I have a big 75x35x30 glass tank but i dont know what roach to pick for it, there is already a layer of mixed : coconut fiber, clay, sand, spagnum moss; of course i will add many more things like bark, leaves and leaf litter and branches. Ive been thinking about Hormetica sp. or Therea bernhardti, but i still dont know what to pick.


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I do think any Therea species would look awesome in there, willing you have many adults in there at once, just unfortunate they don't live long once mature, which may leave the enclosure looking empty for a while. 

Also maybe some Lucihormetica or Hormetica like you said would be nice. I find my adult Lucihormetica verrucosa like to hang out on the surface on top of bark and such, but I do have a good amount of adults in one enclosure, and it might just be they are a bit crowded. 

Other than that maybe some large Blaberus species like Blaberus giganteus or even Archimandrita species would make use of it. If you had a way to contain the adults, maybe some Gyna species could make an interesting display if the adults are active enough. Just a few suggestions, but I'd have a hard time deciding myself. 

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I'd second Blaberus. You could do some nice large pieces of bark and keep a good size colony going, and there are few things more pleasing than picking up a piece of bark and seeing dozens of wings clustered together.

You would have to do a fair number of Therea to make it worth it but those would also look cool to see running around.



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