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Best food and feeding schedule for isopods


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I'm new to the isopod hobby and currently have some dwarf whites, dairy cows, and clowns. Right now they's in small acrylic containers (usually used for slings). For their substrate I mixed coco fiber, sphagnum moss, mulch, and leaf litter. They also have some pothos planted with them and cork bark. RIght now I feed them carrots, because thats what they were sold with at the expo and I suspected that they also have been chowing down on some leaf litter (oak leaf) and their bark. However I see alot of people that feed them fish food, other veggies, and more! I'm going to pick up rapashys bug burger and a cuttlebone for them tomorrow but I was wanting some insight on to a good feeding schedule or other available foods. Should I do Rapashy for like four days and then offer some fish food and zucchini/carrots the rest of the days? 

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A variety is usually best, at least when you start. You can then see what they eat best and feed them accordingly. Clowns might be able to do fine just on carrots but I feed them koi pellets too. You're not really forced to follow a specific regimen for them to do well. The moisture is more important than the food (you could forget to feed them for a few weeks and they'd nibble on the wood and leaves but you let them dry out and they die). Your feeding schedule is going to be based on how much they eat, if the food starts to mold or rot you need to slow down.

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