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Just in case you wondered....

Matt K

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In case you wondered... "Who is this Matt K guy and why is he posting all the time?"

Well, I work from home and work whenever I feel like it off and on through out the day. Somedays I work non stop and others I don't at all. Generally, I am in my home, rarely leaving it though I can and do. I also have "bug fever", for roaches. Being semi-obsessed with culturing my collection and thier health and welfare, and having time on my hands, it turns out to be interesting to read bug stuff on the internet and share in the greatest forum ever created in my many spare moments. So please feel free to jump on in and post quesitons/comments or observations about your roaches, other peoples roaches, or my half-baked opinions ! !! Roach keeping is fun and interesting, offering so much to learn for everyone!

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It's great to read your intro, though you've already contributed so much to the Allpet Roaches community and the hobby in general. I just want to say a personal thank you for helping to make this forum what it is and is becoming! I appreciate the expertise you lend to the discussions and particularly enjoyed your post on the different types of hissers, including photos. That took a lot of time and normally I'd give a huge thanks, but I can tell that we're a lot alike and the reward is in the doing. That was a fantastic post and one I won't soon forget. Posts like that get us all excited about the hobby on all levels! Bugs are just fascinating and challenging and inspiring, aren't they?

Semi-obsession you say? I prefer the term passion, but I'm not sure there's a difference. I know I prefer it when my wife refers to my every-spare-minute spent on bugs as "passion" rather than "obsession". I guess that's love, huh? Not to mention all the bugs she puts up with ;)

Curious to know what you are able to do at home that lets you live the life!

Thanks Matt,


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Hi Matt,

Glad to see you on the forum! If only it was an obsession for more people... we're working on it. If only we had a good review of that roach book that came out in June...

Ha ha ha! No subtle hint Orin ?!

I am an artist. Odd since I went to college to be a Marine Biologist, Envronmental Scientist and Microbiologist (all water under the bridge!). I sell works in a few prominant places in the lower 48, and a couple places overseas. Pays for the house and an occasional piece of furniture anyway. Contrary to popular belief, this is a hard job I have. It's the only job where you never know what it is someone expects of you! I have also worked on periphereal research projects for various researchers associated with the EPA and National Geographic (I am the bald guy that occasionally shows up in Nat Geos' "Snake Wranglers"). Most people will tell you I have a couple of screws loose, which may be true.... but for art and science I travel far and wide as I find time. Also, every day includes time to study information about cockroaches...so much out there to read its rediculous. Interesting what you can learn if you sit and watch your colonies, too.

I will soon post a laypersons review of a really new book: Cockroaches by Bell, Roth, and Nalepa. I think I was among the first on my block to get it...

I think everyone who posts in this forum is contributing to insect knowledge overall.

So everyone post what you see in your own roaches! Post about thier behaviour, what they eat, etc.! No matter if you are a newbie or old timer! No worries if everyone already knows it or not, because it helps the big picture!

The more info we can compile the more we can contribute to the hobby as a group and generate a roach database for entomologists and hobbyists worldwide.

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