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Roach Newbie Needs Recs

Ghost Mouse

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As personal pets I want some P magnifica but obviously, I won't be feeding those to anything, so I still need to think about what I can keep that would be a sustainable food source for a young crested gecko, a jumping spider, and three tarantulas (who are all currently tiny slings). 

My little sanctuary here is a room in my parents' house. So it has to be something I can keep in a decently small space, has to be not too terribly smelly if I can help it, and most important, has to be something I can control the population of... I can't let them establish a loose/wild population in the house, it would be an absolute disaster. 

Are dubias the solution? Are they easy for a beginner? I'm open to suggestions, I am sure y'all with your combined experience would have good tips. I just want something more nutritious and a little bit larger than the buffalo beetle larvae I'm currently using (think small mealworms), but NO WAY for crickets, they're noisy and stinky and I refuse. 

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dubia, Blaberus, and Eublaberus areeasy to care for. dubia are the easiest to get and breed best at higher temps (best between 80f - 90f). If your keeping them between 70f - 80f Blaberus and Eublaberus will breed faster. All 3 start at about the same size when born but Blaberus and Eublaberus will get larger. biggest problem imo of all of these is there quick to burrow and dubia will play dead. Living in Michigan you might look into lateralis they also can't climb smooth plastic or glass, and don't burrow. lateralis are fast breeding at temps between 70f - 80f and all stages from hatching to adult are similar to crickets in size. They only thing i don't really care for about them are they're fast.

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I should have mentioned earlier if you go with Blaberus you might want to go with fusca, atropus, or discoidalis. These should breed fairly fast. As far as population control you can cull or try to sell  Blaberus, Eublaberus, and dubia and the lateralis you can pull and freeze the oothecas or cull them.

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