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Article on Porcellio hoffmannseggi

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December 2020 Invertebrates Magazine Issue

This issue we begin with a relative freshman to Pachnoda culture introduced to us by Hes of Sklipkan arthropod magazine fame (sklipkan means spider, or more specifically tarantula, in the Czech Republic). Next, we look at culturing a pretty, little, Nearctic tortoise beetle, 2020’s imports of camel-spiders out of Egypt, and a contender for the largest of the terrestrial isopods, Titan A. E. (After Entomology as crustaceans have taken over the bug hobby). We review three decades of experiences keeping the heaviest non-colonial invertebrates on earth, giant clams (the beautiful Tridacna and Hippopus) and finish up by solving the identification of Poe's gold-bug.

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