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Tityus asthenes (Peru)

Brian Sherrill

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Tonight I put together an enclosure for a few of the Tityus asthenes. I hope they will breed in this box. They seem very shy and I doubt they mate while I observe them. As long as they have some kids in the future I will be more than happy. Be nice to get this species established in the hobby!


Pics of the scorps


What beauties!!!


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Hi Brian,

Do you know what kind of habitat they live in, in Peru?

Thanks for sharing scorpion photos with us!


Your setup looks pretty cool, yet simple. Doesn't look too far off from other Tityus setups I've seen pics of, haven't seen any setups for this particular species, however. I have never kept any Tityus, however if I can ever find the time to go out and do some roach hunting, I should have a breeding pair of T. falconensis soon after.

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Awesome Brian...good luck with them...they should flourish like most tityus... once they start popping out babies you should have your hands full. Nice to see you here on the board Brian... maybe we can get you addicted to roaches now- lol.

Yep Chris, the tityus falconinsis pair is doing great...the female is plump...she should be gravid... hopefully she'll pop soon.

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