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Commercial Japanese beetle supplies and food items you probably have never heard of-second half of video 5:50

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These beetle breeding items are things you never see in the US (we just see the beetle jellies, holders, splitters and a few things) and some like the anti-mite bedding sound a little dangerous. I think the special substrate water is just water? Anybody use the orange gel beads or pellets?

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I remember seeing beetle stuff like that when I was in Japan, back in 2011!  I've been aching to go back (and not just because of the beetle stores)!  OH I miss Japan!  Thanks for posting that Orin.

And that's your daughter!?!?  I feel like I've seen that kid grow up through the images in your books!  What brought her to Japan?  She may have said in the video, but I just skipped to the beetle part.

Next time I'm in Japan, I'm bringing so much beetle/insect stuff back!  What did you find most useful from the box she sent you? 

Here are some photos I took from my visit, some of it is like what she sent you.  I remember selling some of the stuff I brought back, you got some of the Japanese beetle jellies from me, remember?

The "Decayed Tree" were great for Stag Beetle larvae.  I sold some and used a few.  I wish I had more of them!


This is one of the additives for substrate, it's commonly used.



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She decided after getting her engineering degree she wanted to be an English Teacher in Japan at least for a while. She posts videos every week but still hasn't posted an insect store video yet. She has been there since summer 2019. I haven't used most of it since it's like spending a coin collection but she should send me more for Christmas maybe.

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