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Curved wings...


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The wings sticking out won't correct itself, it is just less of a deformity. The wing issues have a lot to do with the caging and molting surfaces, especially if every adult comes out with wing troubles. However, it's not entirely husbandry. If only some adults have bad wings they should be removed as their young have a greater chance of having deformed wings.

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Yeah sometimes you will find a few with a wing sticking out more than usual, but it doesnt get corrected. It also doesnt affect flying, at least it doesnt with mine?

Curved wings can occur from molting in a bad place, once the wings start to expand, they dont stop. So if the roach has the soft wings touching the ground bending, they will continue to grow bent and harden that way forever. If bending occurs right at the start of the molt and the roach moves to a better area, the wings still have a chance to expand and be normal.

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