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Kit is late and need temporary inclusive advice


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Hi! I'm new to keeping isopods and have a question. My clown isopods just came in and the kit I bought isn't in yet (it should have been). Can I put then in the container I have with just coco fiber, Forest moss, and cardboard on top for now? Their stuff should get here in the next two days hopefully and the container I have has two large holes up top with stainless steel mesh over it. I also have springtails. Will they be fine in that for now. I have left over fluval stratum from a planted tank set up. Can that suffice as soil for now?

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I am thinking of trying heavy moist at one end, less moist in the middle, and dryish at the other end so the isopods I'm waiting for will have a choice.  It's was mentioned somewhere when I was doing research about them.

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