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Monkey Chow?


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I have Zupreem monkey biscuits around for my parrot, and I have been feeding it to my crickets, so I know they'll eat it...the protien content is 20%, 5% fat, 2.5% fiber...and loads of vitamins and minerals. Since it's meant for omnivores (primates) it has decent ingredients...would that protein content be too low to feed as a staple, at least for a while? Has anybody ever fed that exclusively for a while and noticed any differences in their colonies at all?

I don't have any roaches yet, but am planning on starting a B. craniifer colony.

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Awesome! I had never heard that before, good to know, thanks! Monkey biscuits are about the same protein content of dog food anyway, from what I've researched. Zupreem monkey chow is like $2.50 here, per gallon ziplock bag, from the local pet store!

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