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WEIRD Ootheca

Matt K

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Sure its not a cocoon or some plant growth?

I had to peek in the end of one and there were what appeared to be elongate eggs inside, so I assume ootheca. That and the general form of it and I found this one stuck to a leaf, another to the side of a shed, another on a banana leaf, one on a tree trunk... they weren't that uncommon in one small area. (GPS coordinates may be available if anyone wants to go look!)

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Do you have any of these "ooths" at this time? If so, remember the old entomologist's advice:

"Can't figure it out? Then rear it out!"

Nope. I do not have any. Getting anything into this country is VERY difficult, more so for me because they (they= Customs dept. and Fish and Wildlife dept.) are too well acquainted with me (long story). These days I ONLY buy what I can within the state that I reside.... In hindsight I could have set up a rearing chamber there with someone to monitor it and a webcam to watch it from here. So something to that effect is what I want to attempt next year. If I can pull it off, then we can all go to a website and watch various bugs in captivity and learn from that via the internet. Like virtual bug keeping.....

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