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Panchlora sp. "White"!

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FINALLY got some offspring from my older female, here are some crappy pictures of them:




Let's hope my other two female will produce some offspring as well! :D

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2 hours ago, CockroachTV said:

Wow, they are awesome. I would give a lot to get them to Europe:o

Yeah, they are stunning roaches! :D Unfortunately like a lot of other stunning roaches, these guys are hard to breed, definitely the most finicky Panchlora in culture! :( Females seem very fragile and prone to aborting oothecae, especially if shipped or in substandard conditions. Their future in the hobby is very precarious indeed, only a handful of people have them, and we all have pretty small colonies now.

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One of my females gave birth to another litter of nymphs, so my colony numbers are really on the rise now! :D

Here are a couple pictures of an old adult male:



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