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Graham Criglow


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Figured I should provide a list of the species I currently keep...It's a small group of colonies but they are all pretty darn cool...In the past I have had other colonies and will probably double this group in the next 12 months BUT I'm really trying to be picky and get the species I've always wanted.

1. Blaberus craniifer Black Wing (True Deaths Heads)

2. Deropeltis paulinoi (Ornate Velvet Roaches)

3. Hemiblaberide (? Common name? Horseshoe Crab Roaches)

4. Lucihormetica subcincta (Glowspot Roaches)

5. Macropanesthia rhinoceros (Australian Rhino Roaches)

6. Princisia vanderbeckie (Tiger Hissers)

7. Therea grangeani (? Common name?)

8. Therea petiveriana (Domino Roaches)

Nice collection Graham. Question, do the glowspots glow spots actually glow?

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