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Has anyone here gotten a PPQ 526 permit from the USDA/APHIS for Halloween Hissers (Elliptorhina javanica)?

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I have been keeping Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) for about a year and a half, and I'm interested in branching out to keeping halloween hissers, but I understand that (unlike MHCs) halloween hissers are regulated by the USDA and require a permit to legally keep or transport across state lines. Has anyone here gone through the process of trying to acquire these permits for halloween hissers? I have successfully been through the process of getting PPQ 526 permits for my isopods thanks to Supreme Gecko's thorough YouTube video on the subject, but I have no idea what the requirements might be for Elliptorhina javanica. I intend to email APHIS to ask, but if any of you have insight to share about the process it would be much appreciated!

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Since it's never enforced, no one in the hobby really bothers trying to get those permits for really any of the "regulated" roach species here in the US.

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This brings to mind 2 famous quotes:

1. If you give the government the allegiance to make you get a permit every time you wipe your butt you flush away all our freedoms a little cleaner with every wipe.

2. If there's a law against everything then everyone is a criminal.

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