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Housing Green Bananas


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I am keeping a small number (~50) in a critter carrier (about a 3 gallon).

So I am curious on how others keep their Green Banana's in. I am really would like to get a large colony going as I heard that they make excellent feeders for chameleons or other aboreal lizards (which I keep).

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A bucket cage works great to keep this species contained. Panchlora nymphs don't climb and are quite easy to contain, it's the adults that climb and fly. The nymphs are also a great feeder. Most critter carrier type cages I've seen have pretty big holes in the top that the adults could probably pass through.

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I've kept mine in a 5 gallon glass aquarium, all my previous colonies failed with the niveas but this one's been successful- and i disagree regarding the nymphs being poor climbers, i've found p nivea nymphs in almost every roach tank i've got and it's not the adults getting out!

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