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New to isopods! Looking for an ID

Sydney Nova

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Hello! I've been finding a lot of roly polys or isopods in my backyard this last week, going from the lawn into the pool and unaliving themselves, so I started saving them and I went to a reptile store yesterday to help me get the tank set up. They're so much fun and I love this new hobby so far! 

My friend asked me to get some for her so she could give them to her nephew who's into bugs, and so I collected 4 this morning and instead of putting them in my main tank, I put them into a small Tupperware bowl with a wet paper towel. 

I will post some pictures of them. They're the same species as the ones in my tank, and as a bonus question, could anyone tell me what the little black specs are around the paper towel friends? I'm thinking it's poop but not sure. Thanks so much in advance!

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