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Genus Byrsotria

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Well, I want to know if somebody knows how to differentiate this genus. It only have 3 sp., B. rothi, B. cabreari and B. fumigata. The most tipically is B. fumigata and it´s easy to check but I have problems with the other ones.

Another question: does anybody have the 3 sp.?

Best regards,


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To begin, you may not have the species you think you do and these description are only for males of this genus (if you have something from a related genera it may or may not follow). Length of wings compared to abdomen is listed normally at rest but is highly variable because of the telescopic nature of the abdomen. Also, females of this and related genera can look very similar.

B. cabrerai - dark brown with large lighter markings at front of prontotum and along anterior borders of the tegmina. Very rounded wings covering about 3/4ths of the abdomen.

B. fumigata- dark brown throughout. Very rounded tegmina (outer wings) covering 2/3rds or more of abdomen.

B. rothi - dark brown with yellowish margin at front of pronotum. Wings covering 1/2-2/3rds of abdomen, not as rounded and coming together at a slight angle.

(The stock normally labeled "Byrostria fumigata pallida" is probably not one of these three and these are the only described members of the genus.)

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