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Hi everyone


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I decided to join because I need a barrier for my colonies and although I found several commercial products, they are sold out.  I even found one that I would like to purchase but can not contact the person about an order because they do not respond.  I'm a researcher by nature and have spent many hours and days looking over search results.  I don't mind doing research so if you need help, time permitting and health issues at a minimum, I will help you.


One project for me is learning the scientific names for everything.  It's a slow process for me, but I'm still not giving up.


I live on a mountain on 10+acres.  Currently my inside space is limited but in time I expect to expand my living sq ft area and my insect sq ft area.  Does anyone have a wall stretcher I can use?


I have dogs and cats, and fleas who like chewing on them.  I wonder if I could capture them and use them as feeders, maybe not a good idea.  I am also investigating a safe means for keeping unwanted bugs either out completely, or capturing them before they cause trouble, hm I'm working on it.


I hope all are thriving humans and bugs also.

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Welcome to the forum! :D

In terms of climbing barriers, I've found silicone oil (the food grade kind, often used for "adult" purposes) is the absolute best. Super slick, and you only need a very thin layer of it to make surfaces unclimbable (if it's too thick a layer some roaches may actually drown in it). Lasts a while without having to reapply, heat resistant, etc.

And since it's food grade stuff, it can be safely consumed and passed by the roaches when they clean themselves, in small amounts at least.

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Thank you all for the kine welcome.


Petroleum jelly when it gets too hot can run.  It can get dirty easily and this requires removing and reapplying.  At least this is what I found when researching bug barriers.  


Eventually, I hope to acquire some asian emerald roaches.

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