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I was wondering if you can give me some inputs on substrates.

I can either do pine shavings, which i did in the past and had no problem with. some of my roaches actually ate some, like the hissers and the lobster roaches. The only problem with pine shaving is that they are white and the roaches' frass are very visible and this make the tank looks dirty.

the other option is coconut fiber

or mixture of pine shavings, peat moss, rotten woods, and dead leaves

one more thing that i forgot to mention is that this substrate is for B. giganteous, possibly rhino roaches, possibly G. obolonagata roaches, and B. rothi roaches.

please tell me why you would choose one over the other. it is fine if you don't have a reason.

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ordinary potting soil

Potting soil, or a looser mix of dead leaves, sphagnum moss, cypress mulch, and a bit of coconut bark product. All this in turn becomes potting soil as the roaches degrade it.

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I've always used potting soil and scrub oak leaves and rarely aspen shavings. Most conifers have different phenols and other volatile type substances for protection from insects. I'm not sure if this has an adverse affect on roaches so I've always stayed clear from pine shavings.

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I'm actually experimenting with decomposed leaves, essentially a step above soil.

Freezing, thawing, heating, freezing, thawing, heating, and so on til the become nothing more than dirt.

Hoping to get a high quality substrate. ^^

??? Why not just put the leaves in directly? The roaches will chew them apart until you have substrate; which in turn gets converted into some great potting soil....

I toss in a large handful of leaves every "so often" to replace the chewed apart / collapsed ones.

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