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New to Roaches California, LA


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Howdy, I'm somewhat new to the hobby, I mainly keep roaches as feeders for my garg gecko. Currently only keeping orange heads, I used to keep dubias but gave the colony to a friend. I still have a slight fear of roaches, I do not like grabbing them at all, I usually use feeding tongs to obtain them and I'm trying to get over that fear. I'm in multiple hobbies, as I keep a hognose, garg gecko, and a couple of pdfs (dart frogs), I've even been in both fresh and marine fish hobby.

I'm also looking for any recommendation for a "slow" pet roach species, since I'm trying to get over my fear of touching roaches. My sight are somewhat set on glowspot roaches, yet I would love more recommendations. Thanks in advance! I hope to learn more about this hobby ^^

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This might be an odd recommendation, but Neostylopyga rhombifolia (Harlequin Roaches).

I've found they are great for handling and super chill compared to like, every other Blattid I've kept. They never try bolting out of their enclosure IME, and are pretty fun to hold and interact with. Plus they're beautiful, and the Chinese hobby stock I have is quite hardy too.

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