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Too Much Humidity


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Are there any problems that are prone to occur in enclosures of high humidity(despite mold of course)? How much would you say is too much humidity?

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Some species will suffocate or rot with excessive humidity. How much is too much depends mostly on the species but is affected by airflow, ventilation and temperature.

I second that. It is VERY species dependant. Some species actually cannot breathe well if they are too humid and smother. Others thrive if very humid to the point of being damp. And some species need to cycle in between wet and dry, but this is pretty uncommon.

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I killed a few of my Deropeltis paulinoi with too much humidity. Everytime I sprayed the tank I would find a dead one the next day. Now I only mist the tank VERY lightly once every few weeks.

I found mold growing on some of my therea nymphs a few months ago. I reduced the humidity and gave them more air flow. I expected the moldy ones to die but they were fine. I thought it was kind of odd a living roach could have green mold growing on it and be ok. Although I noticed the peat moss substrate sticks very well to the nymphs. They seem to be covered in little hairs that the dirt sticks to. It's great camoflage, I have a hard time finding the little guys when I'm sifting though the substrate.

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