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So excited to have found this space!

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Hello!  Can't believe it took us this long to find this fabulous forum...never thought there were so many people out there as excited about roaches as us!  Also never thought we'd so enjoy raising these little buggers, or how much effort it would be to be successful at it once you actually WANT them around.  Of course.  We are near Los Angeles, CA in the San Fernando Valley (totally) and mainly raise them for the reptile feeder industry, but consider and treat each and every one like a beloved pet until they get sent off to their ultimate destinations.  We raise dubia, Madagascar Hissers, death heads, orange heads, red runners, discoids, mantises, stick bugs and silkworms.  Oh my god i never realized how weird but cool we are until i just said all that in one place.  Looking forward to learning more and getting to know all you awesome folk!  Thanks for reading!


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