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Normal molt

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Hi, I was wondering if it is normal for winged roaches like B. giganteus to molt and have their underwings or their flying wings protrude out a little bit under their protective wings.

should i cull him, so that something like this won't be able to pass on to the next generation?

they have plenty of molting surface area.

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cool, are the females bigger than the male? because my male just molted today and it's only 3.5" in length.

I see alot of them like that, and they can still fly. Mine have that, especially the larger females. Just look at my avatar.
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none of my female molted yet, but i'll move him to another tank. I have about 57 males. he is the first to molt into maturity, i'll keep him around for a bit longer and see how things will turn out with my other males first before feeding him off.

btw, it is just a small protrusion, a little less the one that Keith has on his avatar. but it still bugs me.

The wing protrusion is partially habitat and partially genetic, definitely cull them if you have enough animals without the deformity. It makes a big difference in the colony over time. The females are bigger than the males.
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