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Roach sweat?


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I would get a picture but the droplets are so small they would be blurry.

I was just reading how pest roaches secrete an oily liquid that if comes in contact with food may leave a bad smell, could my roaches just have an excess amount of that oil being they are captive roaches, where wild roaches would be rubbing it off more often.

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Blaberus Fusca.

How are they set up? What do they have for substrate and ventilation?

Under optimal conditions a roach will always be clean and dry.....

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There are 7 roaches living in a 20 gallon. They have wood chips for substrate, and a shallow water dish to drink from. They get fresh fruits/veggies/cat kibble each day, nothing rots inside. It's fairly dry.

I dont know what is causing this but they are over 2 years old, it cant be due to illness or they would have died long ago. 2 years is very long for Fusca to live.

I'm thinking they have excess oils due to there diet, they get protein (cat kibble) everyday with there fruits and veggies.

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I had experianced this to, at my blaberus giganteus colony, especiali among males.

Maybe is some kind of pheromone. If you grab this sp. of roaches in your hand and small it, it will stink...maybe is this what we saw...defence odor in the form of drops.

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