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New here, hallo from Poland


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My name's Lukasz. Mostly I'm interested in herps for 15 years now, and I'm not gonna change it;) For few years I kept colony of feeding roaches, but for last months I collect other, not frequently seen. Currently I keep and the list expanding every single week:

Blaberidae sp. Kenya

Blaberus boliviensis

Blaberus giganteus

Byrsotria fumigata

Byrsotria rothi

Deropeltis paulinoi

Eublaberus distanti

Eurycotis floridana

Eurycotis opaca

Hemiblaberus sp.

Lucihormetica verrucosa

Nauphoeta cinerea

Neostylopyga rhombifolia

Opisthoplatia orientalis

Panchlora nivea

Phoetalia pallida

Pycnoscelus sp. Black

Pycnoscelus surinamensis

Rhyparobia maderae

Rhyparobia sp. Gold

Schultesia lampiridiformis

Shelfordella tartara

Therea petiveriana

and reptiles:

Furcifer campani 1,2

Furcifer pardalis Ambanja 1,1

Holsapis laevis 2,3

Rhampholeon spectrum 1,1

Phelsuma klemmeri 1,1

Phelsuma standingi 1,1

Centrochelys (Geochelone) sulcata 1,0

The reason I join this forum is that I have a lots of questions about rearing them to ask experience breeders, cause there are not much good information about them (few books and services).

Best regards, Lukasz Jarczewski (hatiras)

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Thanks for joining! Hopefully we can help with all your questions.

That's a great list of species. The only thing I notice offhand is there is no genus Hemiblaberus, just Hemiblabera. Do you have a picture of your Blaberidae from Kenya? Furcifer are beautiful.

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That is a fine list of livestock to keep, both roach and reptile. I too would be very interested to see a picture of your Blaberidae from Kenya!

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Thanks for nice welcome. Today I will do some pictures of Blaberidae, but they are quite small (less then 1cm when adult) and it won't be easy;) Orin, Hemiblabera of course:) And thanks for the books, I recived all yesterday.

ps. Last week I bought Gyna lurida, Eublaberus posticus, Therea sp., Deropeltis sp., Diploptera punctata, Aeluropoda insignis, Ergaula capucina, Oxyhaloa deusta, Pycnoscelus femapterus, Blaberus colosseus, Elliptorhina javanica and Paratemnopteryx colloniana (but unfortunately they seems to be pests, so my chameleons ate them, and the rest I gave to my friend;)

Kind regards, Lukasz

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Ok, here they are, sorry for delay, I was really busy:) I have in my colony some specimens with short wings too, but they are faster than nymphs, so I wasn't able to take a picture of them. As soon as I will do, I'll post more.





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