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okay i should have done this first but hey...

my name is eva-louise fowler, i'm 27, live about 45 mins by train from london.

i'm a tattoo artist with my otherhalf. i have 2 royal (ball) pythons 1 rosy boa 2 russian blue aguti rats a red kneed turantular many stick insects of varying species some sun beetle grubs and some mad' hissing roaches... :)

i paint and do photography in my spare time. and am about to start an online starter course in forensics.. :)

at school i did the normals, art, science, french, english, maths, history, and textiles. did a level psychology, media studies, buisness studies, photograph, IT, and art i did AS level geology, and HND fine art. i'm learning japanese with my mum.. have an intrest in archiology and anthropoloy and paleontoloy. i'm dislexic so my spelling is realy bad... my other half used to draw for comics, we have a motor bike and i could be catagorised as a "goth" but i don't think it fits very well other than wearing black for practical reasons. i do larp in derby with about 3000 other people. (running round hitting eachother with swords dressed as a kitsune.. lol! )

anyway.. hi :)

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i uesed to want to go in to the film industry doing costumes but i wasn't very good at the patience of sewing so i only got a c in it. :) in your last 2 years of senior school (12-16) you get to pick what classes you want to stick at. the first few years you do a bit of everything from metal work to geography, you have your basics... science maths and english that you have to do but then you have to pick between history and geography for one class french spanish or german for the second, art textyles metalwork home economics or physical studies for your last 2. i don't know what it's like now because that's a pants system...

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You´re welcome!

Are you going to raise your roach collection?

Best regards,


at the moment they live above one of the stick insect tanks... this is my first go at trying to look after beetle type insects, i was told mad' were one of the easyer ones.

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