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wing biting Gyna lurida

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Most of my adult females G. lurida have bitten wings. To act upon this, I have housed them bigger, with more branches and leaves to hide in, and plenty of food and water. Yesterday, after I fed some carrot peelings I noticed that while one female was comfortably eating some carrot, another was comfortably eating the wings of the first one.

Is this common with G. lurida? And is it possible to prevent this?

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I used to give them fish flakes and I could already see the wing tops were bitten.

I've bought a new brand of pond sticks, but unfortunately they are vegetarian. I didn't think of checking the ingredients in the shop because I was in a hurry. Now it has been some weeks they are completely vegetarian.

So I guess I will give some dog food to boost up the proteins.


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Maarten, male roaches also bite the others male wings because of females, food and territory. It´s a possible too.

Best regards,


It could be a possibility, but I kick out all the males I find, except my yellow male who has first acces to the newly shed females.

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