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Periplaneta spp

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Hey, im wondering if you guys know of any other periplaneta than the ones ive found:

periplaneta australasiae

periplaneta americana

periplaneta fuliginosa

periplaneta americana "white eye"

periplaneta sp "french guyana"

Periplaneta brunnea

Periplaneta japonica

and im curious if anyone have seen or know of any P.japonica for sale anywhere? i havent seen them at all...


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There are about fifty species in that genus including P. affinis, P. bicolor, P. floweri, P. formosana, P. robusta, P. valida and even P. japanna (not to be confused with P. japonica). Other species haven't been available. One very interesting piece of information is the P. americana "white eye" have been in culture since 1947.

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