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Sow bug questions


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I have some questions regarding starting sow bug groups

I have a bunch of WC's which are breeding, and I've moved the offspring to their own tank

Originally My only concern was pesticides, which is fixed by only using CB generations as food.

But other people are asking about parasites.

Can/Do sow bugs carry any parasites that would be passed to my CB generations and then to my reptiles.

They make medicated fish flakes that have fenbendazole or metronidazole

So the idea is being thrown around to feed these flakes to the sow bugs, any idea if it would harm the sow bugs?

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I really doubt there's any risk of isopods carrying parasites but captive bred isopods should have no risk unless they're fed feces from infected vertebrates. The medicated foods might not harm isopods since they target worms, you could try it on a small group and report what happens.

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