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Dubia question

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I've been breeding Dubia roachs for a while now and every thing is going well. But I want to speed up the growth a bit. I heard the hotter it is the faster they grow and breed? My question is what temperatures can they handle? I live in the lower desert in SoCal. It gets hot out over here in the summer average temp is 107 bit it can get way hotter. I want to put them in the garage but I not to sure how hot it gets in there. Any ideas?

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Not entirely sure, but I live in the same area as you, and I know it gets way too hot in my garage for that. What you could probably do, is put them in a room you can close off and just open the window in that room. It'll be above the temp of the rest of the house, but it wont be stupidly hot.

Just out of curiosity, what town do you live in?

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If thier native environment does not really get at or above 90, then you can bet 100 is a problem for them and much over that can be fatal....they can dehydrate faster than they can absorb water, and they will not be able to take in oxygen fast enough to keep up with thier metabolic process.

Hotter does not equal faster reproduction and growth- that is a wives tale. What you want to find is thier optimum temperature- not too hot, not too cool. Then get the humidity right and feed them constantly- they will reproduce as fast as they can. Some ventiltion helps too. If thier native habitat temp range is 70'F to 86'F, then 80 or 82 is probably a great bet to make.

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