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Western Wood Roach?


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I found this little gal (just a guess) and believe its a western wood roach. Found it under some logs in California. My main question besides a confirmation on the ID is about the fluid it produces. What is the white substance it produces. I have never seen roaches produce this before. Just kind of curious.





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Hi Kevin

No idea about the species BUT: This "fluid" (shiny bluish white jelly of glue like and sticky consistence being nearly odorless with a slight sweetish smell) I found on my dominant Shelfordella lateralis ("Turkestan roach") female at exactly the same position. The smaller "underdog" females didn't produce it (don't know anything about males cause I hadn't none). Unfortunately no one on the German roach forum could tell me what it is... I guess it contains pheromons :blink: .

I'm still interested what it really is/was cause I suppose that the composition and purpose of this stuff is the same for both species.

Liebs Grüessli


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Thanks Orin for the enlightment!

But: How should glycoproteins deter predators? Glue their mouth shot or is there anything smelly inside (which at least I as a smoker and my bearded dragons with their 'taste distortion' can't percive)?

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