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Live roach trap, maybe?

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Hi all

Am at a hotel where I have a cage of crickets, and a bag of fishflakes / oatmeal to feed them. I have the feed in a small plastic baggy, and today I picked it up and it started spilling out_ there were little tiny chew holes in it!

It has to be either roaches (I have seen the occasional roach in past years at this hotel) or mice (never seen a mouse here at all). The roaches here are very secretive; they are around, but even when I look I can never see one

I would like to set out a trap to catch some live ones. Anyone have any simple ideas on how to make one? I don't want any glue things or anything. I want to rig something up where they can get in but not back out


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Fish trap! I'd think something like this might hold them for a little while... provided you had a fine mesh or something around. Not sure though... I know they are crafty. Something simple like this design:


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