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Hello One And All

Curtis T

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I have started a culture of Blaptica Dubia on Aug 7th I started with 50 plus with just a few adults. I started this to feed my Reptiles ( I am getting tired of buying 1000 crickets and having them die off a week later) I would like to get some other pet Roaches latter. I am also started to set up cultures of supperworms mealworms and maybe wax worms.I would like to find out what some of you put into your dry food to feed you roaches as for me in my dry food is a good mixture of dog food (while at an all pet show where they had reptiles fish birds cats and dogs I picked up some free samples of dog food and turtle food and I put that into a blender and went to work on it. I also give them chicken scratch. For moisture I give the apples oranges banna squash carrots sweet potatoes green leaf letuce collard greens and bannas. What do you use that is diffrent from what I use? I foung Allpet Roach forum while I was doing my research on what I needed to start up all these diffrent cultures on the web.


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