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Preserving Roaches?


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If it's been in the tank, dead, for awhile, you might want to drop it in the freezer to kill any larvae that might still be working their way around on the inside. Or, you could drop it in alcohol, even store it in there permanently. In a sense, it already sounds fairly well preserved. You just need to keep it protected from dermestids. If it is already dry, you can just drop it in a zipper sandwich bag.

That Pterostichus lama looks an awful lot like an Eleodes darkling on my monitor ;)

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i have preserved tarantulas and scorpions before. i freeze them first, then thaw them out. for the scorpions, i would pose them in whatever position i wanted them in then i would put them under a ceramic heat emitter and completely dry them out. once they dried and hardened they would stay in that position. the tarantulas were a bit different. after i thawed them out, i would slit the underside of their abdomen and take out all the organs and tissue. i would then fill the abdomen with cotton balls and super glue it back together. then I would just glue them in a shadow box. when i get home i can post some pics of my T. blondi mount. i have never done roaches, however i think if you froze them and then dried them out with heat they should preserve fine.

here is a shot of my T. blondi mount, it measures 8 X 10:


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