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Heating 50qt Sterilite tub


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I have been keeping my 13 Discoids in a sterilite container in my laundry room with no extra heat. It is warmer and more humid than the rest of the house because it is not air conditioned. I just got 27 new babies anyway. :D It did get kind of cool here last night and today. I can assume that it is cooler where you are located. I hope you find a heat source that works for your container. I am still green at this and was afraid of heating anything plastic. :unsure:

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I use red heat bulbs on my rack and I place the bins 6-8 inches from the light so it doesn't get too hot. I've had those and critter carriers melt because of that. You need a few inches of space so it's not like a heat beam on one spot. If you can't clip or hang the bulb above or beside the tank then you can rest assured they do fine at room temp. However the low 70s will not get you high breeding rates and they will grow slower.

Good luck and let us know what solution you went with.

Ps, if you have forced air heatin like I do, set the bin beside the vent so when the heat kicks on the bin gets warmed up. I keep several bins huddled around a heat vent and this works really well for mine.

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Lol. Well I already had a mini dome heat lamp, so I got a stand and a 75 watt infrared bulb over the crates. The top of the crates is reading about 88 degrees atm, so it gets cooler as you get lower. I have a couple of containers with tiny holes in them full of water for humidity. We shall see how it goes :).

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