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A. insignis, E. distanti, G. portentosa, and A. tesselata

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I'm still waiting for a bunch of my species to molt out adults, but here's a few pictures of a couple of my species I took today and wanted to share. I've also been re-working my setup and I can't wait to post pictures of it when it's done, I'll have a full before, during, and after to post with complete species pictures!

A. tesselata nymphs:



A. insignis:



G. portentosa nymphs:


E. distanti (excuse the dirt under my nails, it's substrate):



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Beautiful photos! Do you have any A. insignis adults though, that one on your hand looks pretty big for a nymph!

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I'm thinking adult too, but you said you were waiting for a bunch to molt out adults so I was wondering what you thought of it. In hindsight it seems like a weird thing to ask because the Eublaberus is an adult too! Ignore me. :lol:

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Aeluropoda insignis is probably the only species I have trouble determining the age of. Some adults lack the wing pad markings and others have them; generally this is a sign of an adult but the nymphs can have it too. You can be pretty sure you have an adult male if there's a distinct notch in the pronotum exposing the head almost entirely, as well as thick, fuzzy antennae.

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Oh I can totally see how you thought that, yeah I have the nymphs marked as so. :] That's definitely an adult. Thanks for clearing up the difference Zephyr (that's one of the nymphs you sent me, was like an inch long 2 months ago)!

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