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Panchlora Sp. Giant Age?


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Hi guys.

A couple of months ago I started a new culture with Panchlora Sp. Giant. I bought 200 ass. nymfs and adults.

Every other day I give them carrot, roach kibble and I pour some water over their substrate, to keep it moist.

Their substate is coco humus (don't know if that is the right word?) and they live with buffaloworms/Darkling Beetles/Alphitobius diaperinus to prevent mites. And they get vitamins to.

They live in a dark closet with about 28 celcius/82.4 Fahrenheit.

I hope I have written down all the informations, that is relevant :)

My problem is, that lately it looks like all the adults has disappeared :unsure: There are nymfs all over, but only a couple of adults left.

I wonder if I have done anything wrong or they just died because they were old? I mean, the nymfs did not die :huh::unsure:

How old can they get? And how long will they be adults?

Thank you very much for reading :D

Kind regards



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