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Help ID this wood bark

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I went to the local gardening street trying to find some bark mulch that I can use as part of bedding. It seems none of them know what they're selling, they just know it is "bark" that they imported somewhere. So i bought a few nuggets hoping you guys can help me id them before I buy those bark mulch.

After surfing awhile, I am guessing it is some kind of fir, which is definitely toxic.

Quite worry that if I get some toxic type or those with natural insect repellent.

Any idea, please? Thanks very much in advance.



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This is the bark of a fir tree. I would think a western as it is the most common.

I have used this with a few beetles and assassins but never with roaches so I have no information to offer as to it's safety.

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I have some old rotten pine logs in two cages. The wood has been there been there since the late 90s and they don't seem to chew on it nearly as much as hardwood. However, since it is decayed and not bark it may have none of the toxins your bark nuggets have.

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