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Good afternoon, fellow roach enthusiasts.


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hello, I've been raising exotic roaches/arthropods since 2001 or so, and it's great to see a community specifically for roaches and i'd like to thank Allpet Roaches for that. I've got the book and such (although i know there is a new edition out) .

Orrin - you probably won't remember me as one of your customers but i bought a few beetles and millipedes from you in 02 or 03. At first i was annoyed because those beetles (desert skunk beetles i believe) weren't breeding for me, but to their credit, those things lived for somewhere around 3 or 4 years.

the roach species i currently have are:

Gromphadorhina portentosa

Blaberus craniifer

Blaberus giganteus

Blaberus discoidalis

Nauphoeta cinerea

Pancholora nivea

Blaptica dubia

I've owned several other species in the past, including A. tesselata, and i hope i can get some new colonies started while sorting on some of the old ones, i found this site simply by searching for allpet on yahoo.

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Welcome! I don't remember the name bricktop but I imagine that's not your given name :D

It can be difficult to provide the conditions most darklings need for egg laying. I hope we can keep your enthusiasm for roaches going.

You might recognize the name (and avatar) from the film "Snatch". As for me, i must have flooded your email box with questions back then, but what can i say? I was young and stupid :( .

I've tried some local species of beetles but i don't know, insects that go through 4 stages are far more difficult to deal with than simply egg-nymph-adult insects, with the exception of mealworms of course.

My main interests are another aquatic/semi aquatic species of roach or insect in general, as the idea has kind of interested me for awhile. I had some before, but not enough to start any kind of stable colony.

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