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bug sprays

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I am having a problems with sugar ants,spiders,mosquito and the america cockroach.All running around my house as well as fruit flys in my pet roach cages.I want to get rid of all of those but do not want to harm my colonys of roaches that are pets and feeders.I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.Most my pet roaches are kepted in my reptile room with my pet arachnids and nightcrawlers.Any sugestons on things I can use in the reptile room/ bug room and am wondering if it will cause damage to spray in the rooms that are close to the reptile room. :angry: Sugar ants are all over the bathroom s and kitchen.I'm kinda worried they will find there way to the roach cages and I have american cockroaches waveing at me everytime i go to take a ath or shower.I usually just remove them and take them outside.But my sister and mom keep freaking out :rolleyes: and keep trying t say they are baby hissers <_< .So this is leading to some betchinfest once a day.and am also looking for away to get rid of fruitflees and spiders that keep coming in do to are houseing having a ton of cracks and fondation problems

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I have fruit flies also... I just try and keep all the fresh food picked out as soon as possible. that helps. I also have those pesty grain mites.. :angry:

Thank goodness, no american roaches have peeked in yet.. rather rare where I am, and I hope they stay that way... Is there a way for you to haul all your stuff outside and spray the rooms?? Maybe leave them out for an entire day??? I know that would be such a pain, but maybe that is the only way. I always used this white sticky sugary liquid you can buy and put on cardboard for the ants.. that always cleared them up. Stores carry it. I don't remember the name of it, but it came in a squirt bottle and you put a couple drops on the cardboard, they all gathered around it and ate it, taking it back to their little ant colony. Took care of them pretty quick.

Good luck!!

Maybe try some of that stuff they advertise that you can spray around the outside of your house along the foundation... suposed to keep the bad bugs out.

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Same with Cindy, I also take out the fruits that they didn't consume.

The fruit flies and mites can be minimized by occasionally cleaning our roach bins.

As for the ants, you can use "Fipronil", just Google it, and it's very effective in eliminating them.

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I had an issue with Periplaneta americanas a while back. Those little roach bait houses worked well for me, and I didn't have to worry about sprayng so much.

I use Ortho Home defense in some parts of the house, without ill effects. I just keep the doors to the pet bug rooms closed.

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