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Hissers sluggish then die


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My hisser colony is having a problem - I have been finding that one or two at a time will become sluggish over a weeks time - to the point that they will barely struggle when put upside down - then they die. Its been going on for about 2 months.

Any suggestion? comments?

Heat is 85 degrees, they have a humidity hide, fresh food along with dog and cat food. Nothing have really change from before this started happening.

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Are all the dying ones adults? It could be that their generation is just dying off.

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The same thing happened to one of my dwarf hisser colonies, at first I cull any that show the symptom, but that didn't work they just keep dying. Finally, i selected a few strong ones, and culled the rest. After 2 weeks of quarantine, I put them into another colony of dwarf hissers, and they're fine since then.

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