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hi i'm Jimbe and I have a gecko a snake and I will soon have a bearded dragon, As I hate crickets i'm switching to roaches as a feeder. I'm quite interested in roaches and i'm getting some adult dubias, i'm gonna breed them.

How good can they climb? can they climb carboard boxes? I have a plastic tank i'm gonna keep 'em in but when its gets over-crowded can I keep some in shoeboxes?? do they eat BugGrub?


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Welcome aboard Jimbe! Blaptica can't climb smooth vertical surfaces but they wouldn't have any trouble getting out of cardboard. Use a tall plastic tub. I'm not familiar with buggrub but any dry dog food works well and is probably superior --I've tried some of the 'roach chows' and they're terribly deficient, barely enough to keep the critters alive, let alone breeding.

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Welcome Jimbe!

I make my own roach chow from oats, rice flour, dried veggies and a few other things. I only give them a little bit mixed in with the fresh fruits, veggies and cat food. Dubias love oranges, popcorn and apples but I've found they will eat just about anything. They even ate holes in some of my egg crates :)

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